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See Research Documents: ** Gum disease reality show; why gums bleed. Click on Research Information Video: Gum Disease Reality -- ** Also see Your toxic mercury fillings when heated with hot tea. Click on Research Information: Toxic mercury vapor.

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    Holistic Dentistry :
  • whole person care of the mouth
  • the science of using nontoxic dental restorative materials.
  • the rational removal of toxic metals using accepted treatment protocols
  • the early emphasis on immune system support during care
  • microbiological control of gum infections.

This is the place where patients, consumers, and Holistic professionals meet. You will find the answers to your questions about mercury toxicity, dental amalgam health problems, heavy metal body burden, biocompatibility of composite dental restorations, nonmetallic and non-mercury filings, protocols for mercury amalgam removal, as well as biological microscopic non-surgical gum care.

Likewise you will find out about diet and supplemental systemic care, complementary/alternative and integrative care as well as whole immune system support. You can locate dentists and physicians who understand your health problems and will apply the scientifically best solutions for you on a whole body basis. You will have access to the best research information from our links as well as access to services for testing mercury and heavy metals and products for immune system support and detoxification. Diet and lifestyle environmental protective devices as well as ultrasonic imaging devices will be provided as well as sources for books video and audiotapes. Our secure credit card online service will allow you to order directly or indirectly.

Additionally you will be able to communicate with our dentists by email, phone, and fax. Our Bulletin Boards allow consumers to exchange ideas (FREE) and professionals to have technical exchanges (Members only).

Toxicity -That's the problem with Mercury -over 50% is found in Amalgam fillings. In its many forms as in particulate material produced during amalgam removal or night grinding of teeth , chemically in its methylated form during oral acidification, or vapor vapor form when heated by hot foods ,it ranks with arsenic asneurotoxic and immunotoxic poison that can cause cell death or irreversible chemical change in the body.

The Environmental protection agency first banned mercury in paints in 1991 and designated it as toxic poison that requires extraction filters and high tech disposal . Dental office waste Is required to be filtered before being disposed in municipal sewage. The Centers for Disease Control ( CDC Atlanta ) has yetto declare its toxicity in the mouth.

Scientific research from the Universities of IOWA , CALGARY, ORAL ROBERTS and NEW ZEALAND clearly shows Mercury vapor escapes from amalgam fillings . Additional confirmation is provided by The World Health Organization (WHO ) Environmental Health Criteria document 118 citing the average daily intake of mercury as 3.8 - 21 micrograms. Likewise research in Sweden and Tubingen Germany studied total body burden of mercury showing 20 times the excretion in feces as in urine. Danish research established that in unborn babies the highest levels of mercury via the placenta were in the liver and pituitary. Recent studies at the University of Kentucky show a high correlating level of mercury in the brain cells of Alzheimer's patients.

Hypersensitivity to mercury is enhanced by medical prescriptions such as in diuretics, anti-fungals, antiseptics including merthiolate, mercurochrome and brain scan (contrast medium) radioactive mercury. Most states Fish and Game Departments warn against eating too much fish whether from lakes rivers or ocean. Mercury exposure is usually gradual up to the spill-over tolerance level inducing neurologic and immunologic symptoms.

Mercury diagnostic patch tests should be avoided for pregnant women , and diagnosed cases of systemic Lupus erythematosis, Multiple Sclerosis MS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS, Alzheimer's, Leukemia , Hodgkins, Cardiovascular disease, Mental illness especially Manic depression, Acrodynia and MLNS (Kawasaki disease). Evidence points to early exposure in all of these diseases to mercury compounds. Decreased lymphocyte and monocyte function characterize immonotixic dysfunction.

In the treatment removal of amalgam fillings care should be exercised using the protocols for removal provided by IAOMT and Huggins. Replacement restorations should avoid additional heavy metal body burden limiting palladium, copper cobalt and silver in gold restorations and aluminum in composite restorations.

Treatment should emphasize immune system enhancement before during and after mercury removal using chelation with nanocolloidal intravenous EDTA, herbal supplements ,and detoxification with heavy metal binding Chlorella, Cilantro, and bacteriocin components with Mega Vitamin C Vital to success is a detailed nutritional program for restoring balanced body chemistry