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keyes periodontal therapy and holistic dentistry

An estimated 80-85% of the adult population exhibits various stages of gum disease. It is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Most recently there has been considerable research linking the risk of both heart disease and strokes with the occurrence of gum disease.

With such serious consequences at stake, we take our responsibility to thoroughly diagnose and treat gum disease at its earliest occurrence very seriously. We employ a early detection technique called Modulated Microbilogical Periodontal Therapy also known as "KEYES THERAPY".Developed by Dr Paul Keyes while he was at The National Institutes of Health, This non surgical approach to the treatment of gum disease involves the assessment of the bacteria risk that a person has present in their mouth. The quick, painless, and very cost effective analysis involves taking a small sample of the bacterial plaque from under a persons gumline and placing in under a phase contrast microscope. Just as a high cholesterol count is a risk factor for heart disease, a high degree of pathogenic bacteria present in your bacterial slide sample can put you at significant risk of gum disease and eventual tooth loss.

There are several progressive stages evolved in gum disease:

keyes periodontal therapy and holistic dentistry
In a perfectly Healthy situation, your gums appear pink and firm. There is no bleeding. The bacterial sample shows a healthy balance of normal bacteria.
keyes periodontal therapy and holistic dentistry
In Early Gum Disease, your gums can appear nearly normal with some slight bleeding. Bacterial samples show an early presence of the"pathogenic" or abnormal bacteria.
keyes periodontal therapy and holistic dentistry
In Moderate Gum Disease, the first signs of the destructive process are evident. In addition to puffy, bleeding gums,pockets form around the teeth and bacterial counts elevate significantly.
keyes periodontal therapy and holistic dentistry
In Advanced Gum Disease, in addition to the previous symptoms, teeth may begin to loosen, pus may appear and the most destructive forms of bacteria are prevalent.


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